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Insolita Film is an innovative startup that deals with audiovisual, cinematographic and
creative production. Thanks to an innovative approach to the enterprises, Insolita Film
represents a sustainable socio-economic model aimed at the general development,
leaning on culture, in all its aspects.
Insolita Film’s innovation follows this track. Its innovation is bringing Culture, Innovation, Art,
and Know-how inside the enterprises outside the field.
Our aim is to contribute and show how Culture really is the heart of the whole Enterprise
System and, therefore, of the whole Nation System. We want to involve our clients and make
them aware that their own business can adquire a new dimension and even recover from big
and small crisis through culture.
Culture could become a strong alternative for cost-cutting. It could be a real mean of
investment, a huge potential that would lead the entrepeneur to believe in a medium to long
term project and to invest in it.
The aim is to build an enduring parnership with the Enterprises and to provide them all the
tools, methods, and competences to be able to conceive sustainable cultural solutions.
Our clients become those Partners with which build a common path and grow together.
In order to ease that process, we are working on the design and the creation of a complex
web-based platform, capable of interconnetting enterprises and professional artists and
promoting dialogue among them, creating continuous exchange and synergy.

Culture is many different things, but most of all it is a chain of relationships between values,
behaviours, knowledge, both technical and artistic, and curiosity, that involve individuals and
Culture represent the main source of innovation e makes each individual a unique being,
capable of acting as the maker of worlds in witch they take their own decisions.
Cultivating culture is not that easy. As a matter of fact, like everything that grows, its growth
is slow, but slowness doesn’t belong to the frenzied world of an enterprise bound to speed.
The ones who want to be innovative and competitive will have to slow down their race and
aim at the pursuit of the “right rythm”, that rythm that can harmonize speed and slowness,
action and thinking, art of doing and art of imaging.
Are you ready?
We are waiting for you.

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