An immigrant writes to his wife from the camp, in an Italy frozen in time, with the hope of returning home. A universal story with a strong neorealist flavor. Not to forget. Maggiori informazioni Director: Giovanni Bufalini Genre: Short film / Historical / Drama Duration: 5’41” Country and year of Production: Italy, 2018 Language: Italian/English […]


Gaia works in her family’s funeral home, taking care of the bodies while the soul leaves. But one day something unexpected happens. More info Director: Cristian Patanè Genre: DramaRuntime: 15′Country & Year of Production: Italy, 2021Language: no dialoguesMain Cast: Selene Caramazza | Francesco Colella Distribution: Lights onProduction: Insolita Film | Cristian PatanèAssociate Producer: Baburka ProductionExecutive […]


There is an ancient ritual to change the fate of unrequited love. The secret is in a cup of coffee. More info Director: Giuseppe Carleo Genre: Comedy / Drama Duration: 13′ Country and year of Production: Italy, 2018 Language: Palermo dialect Subtitles: Italian/English/French/Spanish Cast: Miriam Dalmazio/ Alessandra Pizzullo/ Clara Salvo/ Salvo Piparo/ Claudio Collovà/Giulio Corso […]


A mystical film that shows, through the horror genre, the specters of Alzheimer’s disease. More info Director: Marco Calvise   Genre: Short film / Social / Drama Duration: 21′ Country and year of Production: Italy, 2016 Language: Italian Subtitles: English/German Cast: Francesco Carnelutti/ Alessandra Costanzo/ Domitilla D’Amico/ Virginia Gherardini Production: Marco Calvise/ Nicoletta Cataldo Executive […]


is a satirical noir about the limits modern society places on individual freedoms. More info Director: Marco Jemolo Genre: Short film / Animation / Noir Running time: 7′ Country and year of Production: Italy, 2017 Language: Italian Subtitles: English Cast: Guglielmo Favilla / Dario Penne / Elisabetta Ventura Production: Nicoletta Cataldo / Eleonora Diana / […]