Graduated in Milan at University Cattolica with a Bachelor in International Law. She continues her education with a Postgraduate Course in “Law and management of intellectual property, competition and communications” at Luiss Guido Carli – School of law.

She gains many years of experience in the branch of civil law and, in particular, copyright and entertainment law, doing judicial and extrajudicial advice activity, in this area. She collaborates with prestigious movie production companies, managing legal issues of the artists.

She is very passionate about art and all those forms of creative expression. Besides her freelance activity as Legal Consultant, she also dedicates herself to independent production of cultural projects, working on contracts and copyright issues, enjoying the synergy between artists during the production and distribution phases.

She is a judicious and honest person. With an artist as a mother, she grows up cultivating her interest for theatre, even acting and writing theatrical works as amateur. Her passion for movie industry and multi-cultural contaminations of artistic works bring her  to see in Insolita Fim project and in its ideals, professional ethics and international dimension, the right place where she can express herself.