She graduated at Academy Albertina of Fine Arts, in Turin. Since 2005 she has been working between scenography and direction field, theatre production, fashion shows, video productions of documentaries and live performances, collaborating with many important figures of the international art scene: Joe Lambert, founder of Digital Storytelling Center of San Francisco, Laura Curino,  Geraldin Pilgrim, Elisa Roson, Marco Bellocchio  among the others.

She is a multidisciplinary professional who works as visual artist, set designer, light designer and video artist.

Since 2011 Eleonora has been working with Daniele Catalli, in a duo called “Le stanze segrete di S.” (The secret chambers of S.), which is a “site-specific project” that joins visual art and theatre. The work goes around in many Festivals as Inteatro Festival Ancona, Ecomuseo del Paesaggio, Teatro dei luoghi fest/Koreja and Freezer residency program in Iceland.

She thinks that animation is the deep synthesis of all those arts she works on. In 2016 she worked on and produced Framed, a stop motion short film

Eleonora met Nicoletta in 2011, during an European Community Programme dedicated to the film adaptation of literary works. She likes to conceive her artistic production as an “Art Factory”, where the working process can not be categorized by one technique, but rather it can be fulfilled with meanings, through visual suggestions.