Graduated  in Communication Sciences and majored in “Cinema, Television and Multi-media Production”. Since 2008 she has been working in movie industry for ALBA Produzioni, Prima Film, IndiCinema Italia, CGS. In 2009 she moved from Rome to South Africa and worked for one year in Cape Town starting to incubate the creative idea of an international production hub. Since 2011 she has been working as Producer and Executive, for production companies in Italy and for three years, being part of the Cultural Association Since 2015 she has been producing independent projects investing on directors and stories, starting to create a network of young professionals and to embrace the idea to develop the production hub Insolita Film.

Her films always show the complexity and the challenges of the modern world through the eyes of characters that share her love for life. Generous, creative and open minded, she believes the world of film production is changing rapidly. All she wants is embracing the change, living on the frontline.