Beside a theatrical training with huge personalities of the Theater international scene, she takes a degree in Drama and Performing Arts. She works for two years as Editor and Story Editor for Blu Cinematografica and goes on working in this field as a freelance professional. After she had worked as actress, she started her network also as actor coach and casting director. For a long time she has focused her endeavours on experimental theatre – Teatro Forsennato – and independent cinema.

One of the most interesting and productive unconventional projects is the artist Paolo Consorti’s first feature film entitled “Il sole dei cattivi”. In 2008 Stefania starts up Factory Lab, a promotion and representation agency for artists, located in Rome. She runs independent theatrical and cinematographic projects, which also develop social contents, such as equal rights and prevention of juvenile violence.

She is joyful, with an overwhelming personality and a big passion for art. Since 2015 she has been collaborating with Nicoletta Cataldo on common film productions, some of them are “Framed”, “Non temere”, “Truth”.