Since the time she was at the University, where she studied Communication Sciences, she has been working in promotion and marketing collaborating with the Italian company Idea PMP and through which it she had the opportunity to get in contact with Brands as Pepsi Co, Partesa, Doreca, Nastro Azzurro, Jack Daniel’s, Red Bull, Tim, Auchan, Coop, Intercity Magazine, Mentelocale and Jeux Méditerranéens, moving on different markets such as food and beverage, live events, entertainment. She started to work also as Account executive and Account director developing good relations with clients, finding smart solutions for promoting companies and Brands, business strategies and technical and motivational training for employees. In 2010 she opens her own company offering services for entertaining children. In 2016 she gets  involved in her first cinematographic project: “Framed”, an animated short movie directed by Marco Jemolo, in which she works on the film communication strategy.

Stefania has believed in the idea of Insolita Film since the beginning, working on the first official business plan and improving the strategy to operate. She has a weakness for study and marketing research. She is a very balanced person, who is able to identify good entrepreneurial ideas.