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Film production and cultural hub Insolita film is oriented towards the international market by experimenting with new forms of film production and distribution.

Thanks to its international network of professional artists, Insolita Film conceives and develops quality works, both in content and form, that speak to a wide audience. The projects we like – made and to make – have in common themes that reflect the complexity and challenges of the modern world.

Our mission is to innovate the Cultural System, strongly believing that cultural production represents the cornerstone of the economic and social development of countries.

Our goal is to involve companies in the development of artistic projects, to encourage new forms of patronage by far-sighted entrepreneurs, to generate participatory culture actions.

A new idea of ​​culture is emerging: a tool for identifying value and a key turning point for innovation.

The CIAK-in platform is born.
Culture – Innovation – Art and Know-how are finally at hand.

CIAK-in is a digital platform that interconnects between Artists and Entrepreneurs, favoring a simple and intuitive dialogue between them. CIAK-in innovation involves the strategic and decision-making approach of the BUSINESS world, through the introduction of art and creativity into management processes.

Cultural impact

We support companies to increase their social responsibility, have a cultural impact on the market and best convey their business value to the target.


Zero intermediaries. Artists and entrepreneurs have a direct exchange, a fundamental aspect to allow the personalization of costs and ideas.


CIAK-in allows for sustainable renewal and growth in businesses and offers new contexts and job opportunities to the artist, fostering ferment and cultural development.

Areas of focus

Strategy, management, problem solving, human resources, production, distribution, communication, promotion and advertising. 



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