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The productive-economic human activity impacts the environment, the cultural and social context that nowadays, more than ever, needs innovative solutions and creative approaches to face the new challenges and restarts, incorporating in its goals always more sustainable practices. The entrepreneurs have, in fact, started to reflect on the impact of their businesses in terms of sustainability, considering a circular, social and sustainable economy as an opportunity playing a fundamental role in the future of our economic system.

The traditional tools offered by marketing and economical disciplines cannot longer sustain and support the modern entrepreneur in his strategies and visions because we are living in a historical and social context which is
unpredictable and constantly changing. The ability of innovating and adopting new operative models and solutions to combine strategy and sensitivity are the pillars of current and future businesses. We hear more and more talking about “sustainability” and “social responsibility in businesses” which direct the entrepreneurial activity towards ethical values.

The new global entrepreneur has a great responsibility: inventing a new approach and creating a business strategy which assesses the future impacts (environmental, social and economic) that can endanger the survival of the company itself. Therefore, having a more holistic vision and approach (from the Greek: all, whole).

The enlightened entrepreneur is always looking for new tools and needs the collaboration of the artist, a creative by profession, to transform the action in Culture. Although they seem apparently different, these two worlds, art and business have much in common and much more to offer each other.

Acting in accord with this business ethic, generating culture through creativity and art represents one radical transformation into the business model; in the academic field there are several studies and researches regarding the methods through which creativity applied to business can contribute to the transition to a completely sustainable economic model.
Sustainability is, above all, an ethical behavior and the entrepreneur, through his choices, plays a fundamental role. In addition, artists and creatives can contribute to innovate the language and the methodologies, innovating processes and generating a new business mindset that can foster economic, social and cultural growth of methods which are anachronistic. 


Author: Germana Girelli

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