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We live in a society that is primarily based on utilitarian values: efficiency, effectiveness and functionality are dominant concepts that permeate the post-modern culture. Art in this context, is therefore often perceived as needless, because it does not perform any specific and well-defined task.
Nonetheless, the definition of art as a not utilitarian activity is a recent acquisition and if we look back at the history of Art, this concept has undergone a process of emancipation. In the past, artists were considered craftsmen, commissioned by nobles, kings, churchmen and courtiers to create works that had the purpose of representing the power of family and institutions. In this sense, Art in those historic periods responded to a very specific need: an effective means of “propaganda” for the powerful. As s such, Art can be considered a reabusiness oriented activity that if applied today, could lead to a new model of growth and social innovation.  


What is the value of art in business? 


Joseph Beuys, one of the most important and influential artist of the twentieth century andknown for his slogan: “every man is an artist” (or “everyone is an artist”),  supported the idea that every human being is gifted with creativity, whixhcan be expressed in every field of activity and in all sort of everyday practices as an affirmation of personal freedom. According to Beuysart is, in fact, “the science of freedom”.

According to his view, Creativity – and not money – should be considered the true capital of society and the fundamental economic value for its economic growth.

In this context, when business – endowed with instrumental rationality as it aims at achieving a result and optimizing costs – meets art – characterized by a logic  dominated  by feelings and passions – they can find reciprocal support.

On one hand, companies can leverage Art to become more innovative and  generate  revolutionary ideas1 through the contamination of two different and, at the same time, complementary languages. On the other hand, Art can become a strategic and operational tool for companies anda precious investment for our society.

Thanks to this union, where artists and entrepreneurship work closely, it would be easier to anticipate scenarios and new trends, spreading an unconventional and provocative way of communicating, being able to stimulate curiosity, encouraging different points of view, helping to find solutions to complex problems, determining the value of the company through a process of transformation that generates a long-term impact and benefits.

This is exactly what we need today!


1 https://www.collezionedatiffany.com/larte-bene-al-business/

Author: Germana Girelli

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